About our Dealers

CARiD.com is an internet supplier of high performance automobile components and accessories. The company’s stock includes of over 2 million exceptional SKUs from over 700 distinct manufacturers.

The basic item classification incorporate automobile repair parts, wheels and tires, aftermarket performance parts and adornments.

Vehicle coverage extends from early muscle autos, pickup trucks and go 4x4 romping Jeeps, to current SUVs, import tuners, and extravagance cars. CARiD.com supports a car primarily based organizations, occasions, projects and forums. Additionally to multiple speedways, CARiD.com sponsors over three hundred auto forums and 11 Solar, Formula SAE, and Baja SAE university automobile extend programs.

CARiD.com is presently a certified dealer of over 700 performance, wheel and tire, accessory, audio, and repair parts brands, including Bilstein - a number one manufacturer of shocks and suspension parts ever since.